Beautiful, Top Quality Cabinets

We know that the cabinets we design for our customers are a big investment. That’s why we make sure the materials we use are of the highest quality. The cabinets are made in our factory using cutting-edge technology and according to manufacturing options that truly set us apart in the industry.

That’s why we offer a full five-year warranty on our cabinets and a lifetime warranty on our hardware!

Standards_11. Deeper Cabinets
Our upper cabinets are 13.5 inches deep so our customers have more space for large items like square plates—a popular item in modern kitchens.

Standards_22. Thicker Shelves

All our cabinet shelves are ¾ inch thick to ensure better weight distribution. This keeps them from sagging in the center, meaning they stand up well to heavy pots and pans and last longer.

3. Quality Hinges
Bernier cabinet doors are attached using state-of-the-art German-designed hinges that stand the test of time, even with large or heavy doors. No more ruined hinges! Welcome to the next level in luxury—hardware with a lifetime warranty.

Standards_44. Silent Sliding Drawers
A North American exclusive, our drawers roll on Hettich runners for ultimate stability. Built-in shocks make closing easy—all it takes is a light push. Even filled to the brim, these drawers stand the test of time and continue to slide softly and silently.

5. Cabinets Built to Last
Our cabinets our assembled with glue and dowels for extra durability. The cabinet backs are ½ inch thick and set slightly back so they will be perfectly straight even if you’re walls aren’t. Our bottom cabinets are completely closed on top to provide more strength, and can be used as a temporary work top until your counters arrive.